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orion chronology clarification

From: David Goldman <davic@pop.erols.com>
Subject: POSTING RE: CHRONOLOGY- Clarification

Traditional Jewish chronology calculates the Destruction of the First
Temple not at 486 BCE but at 3338 from Creation which was 850 years after
the entry into Canaan. This corresponds to around 423 BCE. The seventy
years of exile ended at the dedication of the Second Temple in 353 BCE.
Three hundred and ninety years after 423 BCE was 33 BCE. Then twenty years
of groping brings it to 13 BCE until the arrival of the Teacher of
Righteousness. This would help to indicate that these events occured before
the assassination of his wife Miriam's sons in 7-8 BCE. Hence was Herod the
Liar, and his official high priest in the Temple the wicked priest? This
would have been when Herod refurbished the Temple, and some
priests/saduccees rebelled against him. Maybe the reference to the sayers
of smooth things refers to those pharisees who did not fight Herod openly??
What say you?? Thanks.
---David Goldman