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Re: orion Evil Priest

At 09:00 10/09/97 +0300, Orion Center wrote:
>From: David Goldman <davic@pop.erols.com>
>I have never gotten an answer to my question: If the chronology
>> >discussed in the Damascus Document goes according to traditional Jewish
>> >chronology, it comes out that the events surround the Teacher of
>> >Righteousness take place 100 years later than normally assumed, about 50
>> >years before Jes"s. Given that, how would we identify the Liar, Evil
>> >Priest and Teacher? I have yet to get a hold on this issue! Thanks.

As Charles pointed out (Apocrypha and Pseudepigrapha, II:793), CD points to
an original composition date of BCE 130 and the earlier death of the Moreh
Tzeddeq in BCE 170.  This would make the Moreh Tzeddeq Khonyo Ben-Shimon
(Beit) Ben-Tzadoq (pop. "Onias III").  However, since Khonyo's brother,
Yehoshua Ben-Shimon (Beit) Ben-Tzadoq (pop. "Jason"), would, consequent to
this identification, be the candidate for the Kohen Ha-Ra in BCE 170, and
the circumstances of the kohanut suggest that all subsequent kohanim
ha-gadol were regarded by the Tzedoqim as kohanim ha ra, later
identification of *a* kohen ha-ra is no contradiction of the identification
made explicit in CD.

I find no evidence in CD pointing to the time you cited.
Yirmiyahu Ben-David
Paqid 16, Qehilat Ha-Netzarim (Nazarene Jews)
Ra'anana, Israel