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orion Moderator's role

Niels Peter Lemche wrote:
> The moderator should be very dilligent in filtering away any mail
> with indications of political agendas open or hidden. The usual
> hintof anti-semitism should never be allowed to pass without being
> openly stated, so that me know what we are up against.

	Orion is not set up as a moderated list in the usual sense, i.e., with
posts filtered by the moderator before they appear, as is the policy on
lists such as H-Judaic. We chose to create it as an unmoderated list
because it speeds up the exchange of mssgs considerably. I can only
react -after- a message has appeared on the list, and I usually do so
via private mail. My public role is mainly to keep the discussion on
topic. Looking for covert political statements and censoring them is
most definitely not part of the job. At the same time, I recognize that
hidden political agendas are a reality in the field of DSS scholarship.
As this subject touches on issues of methodology, it is a valid subject
for discussion on Orion. When it appears, I rely on you, the
subscribers, to discuss this issue openly and in a civil manner, without
turning it into a witch hunt.

Avital Pinnick
list administrator