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Re: orion Golb's article etc.

Having been lurking so far as this discussion is concerned, I only 
have to say in reponse to some of the recent mail that assuming 
something, even indicating it in public without wanting to discuss it 
is a highly questionable point of standing. Some of the nastiness 
here is of the kind which always follows iconoclasts, but if you 
don't throw any stones but just sit down and repeat what the great 
masters of the past may have uttered, what positive have you done 
after all. Some members here should realise that scholarship has to 
do with creating new knowledge more than to repeat old one. It is a 
business of try and error. 

Probably because scholar in English seems to carry before anything 
else the notion of being a learned person, whereas the German 
equivalent, Wissenschaft means to create knowledge.

The moderator should be very dilligent in filtering away any mail 
with indications of political agendas open or hidden. The usual 
hintof anti-semitism should never be allowed to pass without being 
openly stated, so that me know what we are up against.

This because some of this mail has hurt people who deserve better.

Niels Peter Lemche
Dep. Biblical Studies
University of Copenhagen
Phone: 45 49 13 81 24
Fax: 45 49 13 81 28
e-mail: npl@teol.ku.dk