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orion Note on Replies

Some people have asked if they are missing mssgs. Specifically, no one 
else received TLT's mssg to Judith Romney Wegner.
	Orion is configured so that the "reply to" address is the sender, not
the list. Unless you type in the Orion adress or use the option "reply to all
recipients," it will not be posted to the list. Simply hitting "reply"  will
probably send your mssg to the sender alone. I am trying to change the
configuration of this set-up so that mssgs don't go astray, so be patient if
subscribers accidently post private mail to Orion. I'll let you know when the
change takes effect. In the meantime, remember to read your header 
carefully before sending your posting to Orion.

Avital Pinnick
list moderator