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No Subject

Dear Orion Members:

I wish to state   categorically that my recent post re DSS was not directed
at ANY individual in particular.  And the subject of my comments was NOT
antisemitism or anti-Zionism (though it seems I was misconstrued in
that regard). What I had in mind was the tendency (in DSS discussion, as in
some other fields  in  which I have been engaged -- for instance, religious
feminism) for a division to surface between those who interpret phenomena
from a "Jewish" standpoint and those who interpret them from the standpoint
of Christianity-- or simply of western culture with its deeply submerged
roots in supersessionism.  I just think it is unfortunate that political
stances (using that word in its broadest sense, and meaning NO reference to
modern international politics) should have as much influence as they often do
(mostly subliminal, no doubt)  on the way in which people approach textual
materials.  My point was that unconscious and probably ineradicable biases are
bound to affect objectivity of interpretation. So, of course, with CONSCIOUS
biases; but at least if we wear them on our sleeves people can know exactly
where we are coming from.  I like to think that I usually make an effort to
declare my own biases -- but I suppose we all like to think this....)

If I was misunderstood, this must be because I had not made myself clear, and
I do apologize for that.   And if the timing of my comments made it seem
that I was referring to particular discussants, that was the last thing
I had in mind....

Just to set the record straight.

Judith Romney Wegner