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orion What slander?

To TLT, who wrote:

>I must object strenuously to the slander implied in the last
paragraph of Mr, Goransen's post yesterday and now full-blown in Ms.
Wegner-Brown's post today <

 I'm not sure what you mean by the above; I was not referring to anti-semitism,
anti-Israelism, anti-Judaism -- or anti-archeologism (whatever that may mean!)
per se.   I was referring to people whose agenda (regardless of motivations)
inclines them to distance the Qumran people from Judaism and instead associate
it with early Christianity.  I certainly did not have specific persons in
mind; not even you, TLT (-:).  But, if the cap fits, by all means wear it!

If I used the word "stable" too loosely (and I admit that it does sound
pejorative) I apologize.  I did not intend to imply that all the legions of
scholars I had generally in mind belonged to any one particular group.

But I don't retract my criticism of the extent to which politics surrounds the
entire field of DSS scholarship.  That was a professional opinion, not a
slander of any individual.  We would get much farther much faster, if everyone
would only bring more objectivity and less tendentiousness to their research.
(I don't think anybody will argue with THAT!)

Judith Romney Wegner