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Re: orion Response to N. Golb

Dear Prof. Fred Cryer and orion,
I am sorry you found my bibliographic suggestion "either ill-informed or
disingenuous." But I suggest that you may be looking at a different book.
Again, the reference I gave was Ada Yardeni,  The Book of Hebrew Script [in
Hebrew] (Jerusalem: Carta, 1991).  I  could be mistaken, but I think it
gives examples of N-shaped hets, for example on p. 167, from Nahal Hever. I
don't have the book to which you apparently refer at hand, but I currently
accept that some Murabba'at texts, of various dates, are also relevant.
	If you think I misquoted you or mischaracterized your Dec. orion
posts on the possibility of the yahad reading or on your doubts concerning
N-shaped hets, you could check the archives via
ftp://orion.mscc.huji.ac.il. I have made mistakes before, and if you find
one in this case, please let me know.
	I have said I welcome your article and the article by Ada Yardeni.
I have written that I respect the work of Yardeni and of Naveh (and Cross
and Eshel). Perhaps when I have a chance to read them I will learn new
things. Perhaps I will change my mind on various questions. But I have also
been trying to say that  the declaration by you and Prof. Golb that we must
consider the Cross and Eshel reading to be wrong and that some alternate,
as-yet-unpublished reading(s) to be right does not appear to me to be an
appropriate way to pursue the matter. I welcome your contributions, but
please consider being cautious in declaring that the discussion is over.
Stephen Goranson    goranson@duke.edu