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Re: orion Chinese? (bounced)

This message apparently bounced, so I'll try again.  It's about the Chinese
theory, which I consider quite unlikely. My assumption was that orion
responses can help sort out hypotheses--this one's been published, after
all, more than once, and some readers apparently received it as if it were
reliable information. My approach, I admit, may not work. Some suggest we
not respond. Apologies for any inconvenience.
Stephen Goranson        goranson@duke.edu
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>The 1Q Isaiah a scroll was checked in New York by Harry Orlinsky, using an
>assumed name, according to Yadin. But John Trever had already photographed
>the scroll in 1948. I just looked at his photos, and, not that my opinion
>is central, I don't see Chinese characters. I admit I don't read Chinese,
>but a Chinese commentary would bear at least a reasonable chance of looking
>like Chinese, even to me. I can say--though I don't have the text at
>hand--that when I read the magazine article and Prof. Ralph Klein's
>response, my impression was that he was doing a service to the readers by
>noting how unsubstantiated the article was. It seems to me that, if David
>Crowder wants to check whether this hypothesis is worth asserting, he will
>need to test it by going to disinterested scholars who are familiar with
>Hebrew manuscripts and those familiar with Chinese manuscripts. He will
>need to provide clear, specific references to the texts, publications, and
>the scholars, should any of them support this.  He would need to be open to
>the possibility that the reason peer-reviewed journals have not published
>anything of this sort is because it does not bear expert scrutiny. Numerous
>people who do read Chinese, surely, have visited the Shrine of the Book and
>seen photos, presumably without coming to such a conclusion. On the other
>hand, if he presents reputable scholars and specific cases and documents,
>then there would be something to talk about.
>Stephen Goranson    goranson@duke.edu