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Re: orion Isaiah scroll

     Though Christianity developed the idea that Christ was God and that
Mary was the Mother of God, these theological concepts were popular very
much later. There is little or no evidence that Christ, or the Apostles
taught that Jesus was God in human form. I would argue that they had in
mind the heavenly messiah of Ist Enoch and Philo's Logos. 
     Second point, there was a very popular theology that states that the 
God of the OT had a mother, Gnosticism. Gnosticism teaches that YHVH was
the Child of Sophia. The story goes somthing like this, The Unknown God
created other gods, such as Sophia. Sophia bore a child in secret named
Yeldaboat in the Nag Hammadi Manuscripts, who is the God of the O.T.
Sophia hid Him in a sort dimensional bubble where He was unaware of the
other Gods. He got lonely and created the universe. It is the Gnostic's
job to contact the Unknown God. 
     This scribal problem is very much more a Gnostic one to me. A Gnostic