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Re: orion Disheartened!

> I joined Orion originally because I wanted to learn about the DSS from the
> people who were actually DOING the work (both archeological and literary).
> Last year I did learn things from those people; but this year they seem to have
> deserted  Orion  ....) reasons which are pretty clear to me, and need to be
> thought about by the current group of discussants....)
> I DID learn enormously worthwhile things from the actual archaeologists and
> literature specialists, in Jerusalem last month, and also from the guided
> tour of Qumran.
> At this point, if we can't get any of the actual front rank researchers to
> particpate, I don't see myself learning anything more that is worth knowing.
> So, as soon as I find out how to unsubscribe, I shall probably do so.

I tend to think, based on this post, that your definition of "actual 
front rank researchers" is just a bit too narrow...would you limit 
this term only to those who have seen the actual parchments and 
papyri?  Only those who have dug in the caves and/or the ruins?  Only 
those who examine the texts full-time and live on grants and such?  
(No denigration of such researchers intended here - I would love to 
be among them!)  Would someone such as Prof. Goranson, who has 
published extensively on the scrolls and Qumran, fall within the 
definition?  Why or why not?  How about Jim West, Greg Doudna, Philip 
Davies and other frequent contributors (I don't even harbor a passing 
thought of placing myself on any kind of par with these)?  I would 
really like to know what this term means to you, and why you don't 
think any such are still here.
Dave Washburn