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orion lyxd correction

I wrote at least one sentence poorly yesterday.  I wrote that the letters
LYXD appear in 1QS and 4QS and, as some read it, in the "new" ostracon. So
far, that's true, and, I think, significant, since these texts provide the
most relevant, and certainly near-at-hand, precedent for the ostracon. But
I may have left the impression that LYXD is only in those texts. YXD, is,
of course, common and characteristic in some Qumran texts. This was
discussed already as early as S. Talmon's VT 3 (1953) 133-40 article.
Limiting to LYXD,  without checking all the DJD volumes, etc., the
concordance of Charlesworth gives 1QS (9 or 10 times), 1QSa, 4Q181,  4Q402.
The handy Wacholder and Abegg  concordance [starting from the Milik,
Strugnell, Fitzmyer,......Willard not William Oxtoby, et al. work] gives
4QS (in 3 copies, a total of 8 times), 4Q285, 4Q408, 4Q416, and 4Q418. Of
course, the words associated with YXD are of considerable interest. But,
for now, I just correct my writing.
Stephen Goranson    goranson@duke.edu