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Re: orion Chinese?

The cave 1 materials did not go directly from cave 1 to the Museum of the
Book in Isreal.  The Metropolitan tried to sell the scrolls for several
years. Finally placing that now famous "for sale" ad in the WSJ (that is the
Wall Street Journal).  
The scrolls were checked by I think Biram, and then purchased for the state
of Isreal.
So, as they say in court, there is a break in the chain of possesion of the
Still, why would anyone use Chinese?
When was the Isaiah scroll first unwrapped? Who did it and when were the
additions placed upon it?

Are the mysterious letters in the copper scroll also Chinese?

 You are really talking about 4 things: 1) Grammer and spelling errors;
2) translation variations;
3) altered or corrected text;
4) later additions such as your "Chinese letters".

Woe to all the Biblical Hebrew scholars, now they have to all learn Chinese!
Steve Abramowitz