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Re: orion Isaiah scroll

I just did an experiment.  I took out  the Trevor edition of Isaiah and
called in two 13 year olds both of whom have studied Hebrew for years, one
of them an Israeli.
I pointed them to the word ot (alef-vav-tav) and then asked what the next
word was.
Both agreed (the Israeli first) that the middle letter was...ALEF!

Please note that at Dt. 32:8-9 (following Qumran & LXX) YHWH is one of the
sons of Elyon.  And at Ugarit, El Elyon had a wife, Asherah, who was the
mother of Baal & other "power" gods.

                                                 Steve Oren

At 04:16 PM 8/25/97 +0200, you wrote:
> David Crowder wrote:
>< Oh, and then there's Isaiah 7:11. Norman Golb was one of the scholars I
><spoke to in 1995 who freely translated it as, "Ask a sign of the mother of
><God ..." instead of Ahaz being told to "Ask a sign of the Lord your God."
><This would of course be a hard concept for a Jewish scribe to get around,
><especially since it appears immediatley before the often debated passage
><that many translate as referring to a virgin bearing a son.   When asked
><why 7:11 was not translated into modern Hebrew as it stands in the Isaiah
><scroll,  Dr. Golb said it was because it made no sense and was an obvious
><scribal error. "Mother" didn't even merit a footnote, and has never been
><mentioned by any mainline DSS scholar.  It might suggest, however, that
><someone tinkered with the original at some later time. This "scribal error"
><is not the only one of its kind in Isaiah.
>Dear David,
>Looking at the photograph of the scroll in my library, it seems to me that
>a second hand changed the ayin into an aleph. Do you on the basis of this
>and of the other things you mention ascribe a younger age to the scroll
>than most others do? Are there any articles discussing your information?
>Rolf Furuli
>University of Oslo