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orion 1QIsa a and Chinese?

Dear David Crowder,
I have read the idea you present, or variations, two or three times. There
are many studies on the Isaiah a scroll (H. Orlinsky, W. Brownlee...).
Spelling variants and mistakes are common in handwriting (and typing,
including my own!). These marks were discussed in BA or BAR, I think. E.
Tov has written on non-letter scribal marks. I was sent a clipping of an
article from The Lutheran magazine which brought a response from, I think,
Ralph Klein, a year or two ago, if you want to check indexes. I am not
aware of any evidence to date the scroll later than Second Temple period. I
don't know Chinese (I forgot most of the few characters I learned from a
college roomate). You name one proponent that these markings are Chinese.
Do other scholars of Chinese agree? Doesn't it sound unlikely that a
Chinese Hebrew-reader visited Qumran (or wherever the text was copied) or
that the scroll traveled to China then to the Qumran cave?     Sincerely,
Stephen Goranson      goranson@duke.edu