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Re: orion Isaiah

Jim West wrote:

> At 09:39 PM 8/23/97 -0400, you wrote:
> >I am interested in the Isaiah scroll.
> >Does it give evidence of 2 or 3 authors?
> no.  the hand is continuous throughout.
> >Does it give internal and external evidence of where it was written?
> no- other than it is on the same kind of material from the same time
> period
> as other of the Qumran scrolls.
> >Does it give evidence of when it was written or which parts where
> written
> >when?
> again, just paleographically and orthographically.  The whole text
> seems to
> have been copied in one period of time.  (not stretched out over 200
> years
> or something like that.)
> >Was there any cave 4 parts of the book which differed from the one in
> cave 1?
> Minor orthographic stuff.  nothing you could really call strikingly
> different so that you could posit two text types.

    It is important to point out that the authorship of Isaiah by two,
perhaps three,Isaiah, deutero-Isaiah, predates the copying of  1QIs^a
and 1QIs^b by some
600 years or so.  The type of evidence Steve is looking for would have
to come
from a "pre-deuteroIsaiah" text which simply does not survive.  Unless
"cache" of texts is discovered from pre-exilic times (wouldn't that be
the DSS texts of Isaiah can only provide the same internal evidence for
multiple authorship as the MT.

Jack Kilmon