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Re: orion Ostracon 1

This kind of selective quotation can make anything say anything.  
Whatever.  I made my point, so I'm dropping this thread.

> I [SG] quote DW:
> "...I [DW] don't think he [SG] has any real business making this accusation
> toward Philip Davies...A good example: [..including the phrase "anything
> but Essene"]."  DW has misread his own post.
> >> 	Dave Washburn has misread my post and apparently is not familiar
> >> with the publications of Philip Davies. Prof. Davies has raised many
> >> questions (e.g., about differences in S and D; about the possibility that
> >> some texts were idealized; etc.), but, unless his views have changed quite
> >> recently, Davies does not deny possible relationships between Essenes and
> >> the Qumran site and some Qumran texts.  I agree with Philip on various
> >> issues: e.g., I agree that it is "very probable" that the last extant
> >> letter in line 8 is a dalet. (Greg Doudna's post relates that he and Fred
> >> Cryer read chet.)
> >
> >I'm afraid this is a case of pot and kettle.  I said nothing about
> >Philip's views, I spoke in particular of the caricaturization factor.
> >I was addressing a tone, not a viewpoint.  Hence, I suspect I'm not
> >the one who misunderstood someone's post.
> >
> >Dave Washburn
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Dave Washburn