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Re: orion on P. Davies on ostracon 1

> 	Philip belittled my interest in "favourite" inkwells. Is this an
> example of what he called for on orion last month: humility and tolerance?
> One could try to follow the sometimes-impressive rhetorical turns from PD,
> but I suspect that to do so would unnecessarily give our moderator more
> work.

Considering the way that Mr. Goranson consistently refers to any 
alternative view as the "anything but Essenes" view, which is an 
obviously derisive term designed to be a caricature, I don't think he 
has any real business making this accusation toward Philip Davies...
A good example:

> The IEJ wording "no serious objection," I agree, was not
> ideal (though they indeed have a right to that view), yet, with further
> documentation of these hets, I would not be at all surprised that the issue
> will become moot.  I speak only of those open to considering an Essene
> connection, not those with anything-but-Essene loyalties. An N-shaped het
> is not a new thing, though some react as if it were.

I would have to ask what this kind of cavalier write-off of any and 
every non-Essene view contributes to the discussion.  Perhaps some 
examples of other N-shaped hets would be in order, or perhaps it 
would be better to address Philip's description of the actual letters 
and show, by the evidence, why it is wrong.  I still have not seen 
the photos myself, so I can't contribute anything in that direction 
until after Monday when I can get my hands on the article.  But I 
would like to ask Mr. Goranson to please drop this question-begging 
label, especially since it would be just as easy to label his view as 
"Essenes-at-any-cost."  Name-calling does not further the discussion. 

Dave Washburn