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Re: orion Query

Uri wrote:

>   Would the following statement (not mine), be an accurate
> opinion?:
> ("At Qumran...")
> "Every book of the modern OT is represented in its Hebrew manuscripts
> except Esther, Psalm 110, and Psalm 111.  The scrolls also contain 8 other
> psalms previously unknown in the familiar Masoretic (some, however, are
> known in Greek and Syriac!!)."
> Uri

There's also the (tiny?) quibble that if you consider Ezra/Nehemiah to be 
two separate books, no fragment of Nehemiah has been found.

One should also bear in mind that "represented" is the operative word 
here.  Some books (mostly famously Isaiah) are complete or nearly so.  
Most others far less so; some are represented by only a few lines.

Nichael Cramer
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