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orion archaeology of the ostracon

Professor James F. Strange of the University of South Florida,  the
excavation director when the Qumran ostracon was found, has kindly provided
in a personal communication the following information, which he gave me
permission to quote:
"The layer in which the ostracon was found was open to the top, so it
cannot be regarded as "sealed" in the archaeological sense. On the other
hand there was not a scrap of modern debris in the layer, upon which and in
which the outer walls appears to have been founded. On the other hand the
latest material in the trench was Qumran type Ib pottery, which we normally
date from the First Revolt coins elsewhere in the ruin. This is a thin
stratigraphic analysis, but it is all we have at the moment."
Again, my thanks to Prof. Strange.
Stephen Goranson   goranson@duke.edu