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orion Ostracon

The ostracon (one of several) was found in Feb, 1996 by a team lead by James
Strange, working up on the plateau, south of the ruins.  The reason WAC give
no bibliographic references is that when they went to press there were none,
they were going by oral reports that several of us passed on to them.  There
is a translation in the new edition of Vermes, also an official publication
in IEJ, current issue.  The translation/reading of "Yachad" is very disputed
and was the subject of much controversy at the recent Jerusalem conference,
though if that reading holds, as supported by Frank Cross and Esther Eshel,
who published the text, it is surely of great significance, since the text
itself seems to be dates as "year two" which they take to mean of the
Revolt.  I mentioned this text on this list some weeks ago and suggested
that we might discuss it, now that the photos and transcriptions were out,
but so far no one has showed any interest.

James D. Tabor

 At 12:59 PM 8/9/97 -7000, you wrote:
>In Wise, Abegg & Cook, "Dead Sea Scrolls: a New Translation" 
>reference is made to an ostracon found at the Khirbet Qumran site, 
>"reportedly inscribed with the conveyance of a horse and a slave to 
>the Yahad."  Apart from the fact that this phrase is about as 
>convoluted and unhelpful as it could possibly be, does anybody have 
>any info on this reported ostracon?  I found it curious that they did 
>not give any bibliographic info in their reference to it (p.24).
>Dave Washburn