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Re: orion Orion Qumran ostracon?

dwashbur@nyx.net wrote:

> DSSers,
> In Wise, Abegg & Cook, "Dead Sea Scrolls: a New Translation"
> reference is made to an ostracon found at the Khirbet Qumran site,
> "reportedly inscribed with the conveyance of a horse and a slave to
> the Yahad."  Apart from the fact that this phrase is about as
> convoluted and unhelpful as it could possibly be, does anybody have
> any info on this reported ostracon?  I found it curious that they did
> not give any bibliographic info in their reference to it (p.24).
> Dave Washburn


    As I recall, there was some discussion of the ostracon on Orion
toward the end of 1996 and the publication was soon thereafter...
I believe, and I may be wrong, by Esther Eshel.  The debate over
the ostracon had to do with the word LaYahad which, if my aging
memory serves me, was located at one of the broken terminae.

    Norman Golb mentions the ostracon in his paper presented at
the recent conference on the defenses of the Essene hypothesis.

Hope this helps a bit..perhaps a scan of the Orion archives from
November through December will bring up the discussions.


Jack Kilmon