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Re: orion Judah "the Essene"?

Russell Gimirkin made certain proposals which raise questions, including:
	How does RG know Josephus got Strabo through Nicolas of Damascus?
Is the view, e.g.,  of the late Menahem Stern that  Josephus used both
sources separately and did not reconcile their differences wrong?
	How does RG know War 2 on Essenes was from Nicolas?
	How does RG know Judah was teacher of  Menahem? If he was and the
story was told (twice) "for this reason" why then didn't  the story mention
	Why, if RG accepts that Menahem  might be mentioned in Rabbinic
literature (mHag 2.2), does he not allow that Judah might be mentioned in
Rabbinic literature (bQidd 66a)?
	How does RG know that the Ant 13 account of existence of groups
including Essenes c.146 BCE is not historical?
	Has RG now dropped his proposed link of "Hasidim" in 1,2 Maccabees
and "Essenes"?
	How does RG characterize all our sources as Herodian when Josephus
(Vita) claims some personal knowledge and the sources of, say, Dio,
Hippolytus, and Epiphanius were not specified?
Stephen Goranson   goranson@duke.edu