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Re: orion dating; Essenes; a priori

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Why is the theory of the Sadducean (supporters of the Zodakite priesthood)
origen of the Qumran sect a contradiction to the Essene theory? There is
no evidence that the big three, Pharasees, Essenes, or Sadducees existed
long before the start of the Maccabean revolt or 170-160 BC. These groups
developed out of the power vacuum created by the revolt’s success.
Remember the Zodakites were ousted by Manelaus, a Tobiad of non Priestly
origin ( a Benjamite) who out bribed Jason the Oniad for the position of
High Priest. From that moment the Sadducees existed, just a few years
before the Maccabean revolt (20 years?), and some maintained thier
position or stand into the Hasmonian period. During and after that revolt
the Essenes were developing out of the Hasidean movement (a mixed bag of
nuts that went into several directions after the revolt, particularly the
Pharasees and the Essenes, but not exclusively). The Essenes by definition
require a Zodakite Priestly leadership in order to keep with the “true
teachings of the Torah”. But they were still distinct from the Sadducees
due to thier way of life, but still required a Sadducean or Zodakite
leadership that created or accepted their way of life according to the
wishes of the Righteous Teacher (?) perhaps.
     Much of this may or may not sound logical, but human behavior is not
always logical. We are dealing with very complicated sociol developments
that we cannot directly observe.

Bradley Harrison