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Re: orion on R. Gmirkin's proposals

> To Dave Washburn: That, e.g., 4QpNah is an Essene text that refers to 
> Pharisees and Sadducees is one of the most assured results of Qumran 

In the words of one of my favorites scholars: "I don't think so, 

> research. See, e.g., J. Amoussine, A. Dupont-Somer, D. Flusser, M. 
> Kister, H. Eshel, and M. P. Horgan (_Pesharim_, with more bibliography).
> On the etymology of "Essenes" and Qumran self-designations I have 
> written often, and with text references and bibliography going back to 
> 1532 [& I just received a photocopy of a 1680 link in the tradition], 
> (see the archives), so I prefer not to reiterate today.

I'll see what I can find in the archives.  As I recall, that 
discussion took place while I was in the process of moving so I 
didn't get to follow it.
Dave Washburn