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Re: orion on R. Gmirkin's proposals

To Dave Washburn: That, e.g., 4QpNah is an Essene text that refers to 
Pharisees and Sadducees is one of the most assured results of Qumran 
research. See, e.g., J. Amoussine, A. Dupont-Somer, D. Flusser, M. 
Kister, H. Eshel, and M. P. Horgan (_Pesharim_, with more bibliography).
On the etymology of "Essenes" and Qumran self-designations I have 
written often, and with text references and bibliography going back to 
1532 [& I just received a photocopy of a 1680 link in the tradition], 
(see the archives), so I prefer not to reiterate today.

To Y. Ben-David: I ask you to consider not using such inappropriate 
words as "vendetta" (& I consider your flame of M. Jaffee way out of 
line.) I disagree with the *idea* that MMT is Sadducee. MMT's Essene, 
IMO. I agree with R. Gmirkin that using "Sadducee" in the sense 
Josephus used it is appropriate for Late Second Temple Period. It is my 
view that the modern invention of the term "pseudo-Sadducees" resulted 
from mixing sources anachronistically and that its use results in 
mixed-up history. 
stephen goranson