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Re: orion on R. Gmirkin's proposals

S. Goranson wrote:
> 6. That some Qumran texts (e.g., some pesherim and S) are Essene is no 
> mere "assumption." They tell us they are Essene. 4QpNah (or 1QpHab or 
> S) would have eventually been recognized as Essene (if I may 
> hypothesize)  had it been found in the Cairo Genizah or the St. 
> Petersburg Library or a Kansas City flea market. The Essene 
> identification IMHO will outlive us all; it is ineluctable. Only 
> "methods" which exclude Essenes a priori avoid this obvious conclusion. 

I may have missed something in my personal flurry of mundane 
activity, having recently been a slave to the "tyranny of the urgent" 
but now trying to cast off that yoke; can you elaborate on how and 
where these texts tell us they are Essene?  What's the actual 
wording, etc.?

Dave Washburn