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Re: orion Hasidim, Sadducees, Essenes & Qumran

My posting dealt with the proposals that Qumran was under Sadducee control in
76-63 BCE and was later given to an Essene patron by Herod the Great.

yirmayahu asked:
>  I would find it helpful to use a more precise definition than the
>  "Sadducees," and to define Essenes more precisely, as I can't determine if
>  they are used consistently later in your presentation.  

By Pharisees, Sadducees & Essenes I mean the groups referred to by those
names by Josephus.  

Jack Kilmon asked:
>  I take it this model assumes the library of the Sadducees was left there 
>  and then given to the Essenes [who] brought in their texts and added them
>  the "left behind" Sadducee library... where were they comingled?  
>  At Qumran or on deposit in the caves?  

Unknown.  That's a matter of speculation at present in this model, as well as
what proportion of texts were Sadducee vs. Essene, or exactly when in Herod's
reign Qumran was given to an Essene supporter.  If one takes MMT as Sadducee,
it has strong links with the Temple Scroll, which in turn uses the
sectarian/Hasidim calendar, etc., so it is still possible to see many of the
Hasidim texts as belonging to a Sadducee library.

-- Russ Gmirkin