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Re: orion dating; Essenes; a priori

On Sat, 02 Aug 1997 19:25:19 GMT Dale Cannon 
<dale.cannon@BBS.NIGHTOWL.NET> wrote:

> Why can some [Qumran scrolls] at least not be from other sources 
[than Essenes]?

No one I know claims Essenes *composed* every text found at Qumran. 
This is common knowledge and is not a current issue on orion. What I 
have claimed, as you can check if you read it again, is that the 
*collection* is Essene. And they composed many of the texts.
	Allow me to make my point in other words: 
Writing a history of Qumran without mentioning Essenes is like
writing a biography of Emily Dickinson and not mentioning she was a 
stephen goranson