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Re: orion AMS dating

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Wed, 30 Jul 1997 10:21:21 GMT
I stated that my timing of the scrolls was OK
-> with the C14 tests
- C14
-> is generally used in archaeology only on prehistoric sites, and rarely on
-> sites where a relative chronology can be established by the material
-> remains, such as pottery. It is very dangerous to use it on later sites
-> (after the PPN), especially on sites as late as Qumran.
->   Are there any studies published discussing the typologies of the pottery
-> found in each of the caves and the settlement in relation to other sites
-> with similiar forms of pots? And on the nusmismatics, if any coins at all
-> were found? For that matter, where can I find the excavation reports?
-> Here is the key to dating this material, not the C14 tests. Leave that
-> science to the prehistorians.

-> Bradley Harrison
-> LULeuven

This brings up the subject, noticing the recent discussion re: dates and
the spread of the dates of DSS arrived at via various means --

a list of scrolls or groups of scrolls and dates?  to clarify the matter
of course.

I'll probably receive several differing answers -- but it would be
interesting to see where this comes out.