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orion Crown & Cansdale reference; C14 on 63 BCE

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1) A.D. Crown and L. Cansdale in BAR 20 (Sept/Oct 1994) p. 30 cite a
source, "Epidorus, Historia Palestina 6.7." Is anyone familiar with this
author and text? I don't find it, e.g., in A. Adam and C. Burchard,
Antike Berichte ueber die Essener (2nd. ed.; Berlin, 1972), which, by
the way , is, in almost all respects, an *excellent* volume.
2) That a 63 BCE 11-cave deposit time has been excluded by C14 was
graciously acknowledged by Greg Doudna in his informative post.
Especially since I have received some nasty private mail (not from Greg)
from some with whose public posts I have disagreed, I appreciate the
civil tone of his post. Thanks.
S. Goranson   goranson@duke.edu