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Re: orion Logic 101

At 09:03 29/07/97 +0300, Orion Center wrote:
>I really don't think this advances the discussion significantly. Could 
>you possibly post a bit less prolifically? I don't have any specific 
>complaints, just that when we started this list, we asked people to try 
>to limit their posts to once a day. Some of the lurkers are feeling that 
>they can't speak up when 3 people handle 90% of the discussion.

Yes, I will cut down on my postings.  Recent experiences are not what I
would have preferred and weren't of my choosing.  I seem to spend a lot of
my time in self defense following attacks over which I've no control.  I
welcome a respite where I don't have to defend myself against attacks.  Much
of the discussion is moving, and has already moved, to private channels
where there is no attacking, just logical analysis by people who just want
to make progress and not attack, grind axes, or carry on vendettas.

May I respectfully disagree, though about the posting of the "Logic 101"?
This message stated with a precision unapproachable in ordinary language
what I've been saying, and also demonstrated the inherent contradiction in
Jaffee's definition.  I think it also made the point that there is more
knowledge around than some realized.

I will also cooperate in trying to take discussions to private channels
more.  I've already begun trying to do this.

I especially want to do better at being more gentle concerning errors I
notice when I've not been attacked.  I really feel badly about doing that
last week, and issued an apology for it.  I'm trying to shed the seige
mentality I've been under for several decades.

These things all ease my life as much as, probably even more than, they do
yours and the rest of the list so I'm all for these things too -- and I very
much appreciate your suggestions.

I also thank you for your help and patience, and will continue to do my best
to cooperate with you.

Kol tuv,
Yirmiyahu Ben-David
Paqid 16, Qehilat Ha-Netzarim (Nazarene Jews)
Ra'anana, Israel