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Re: orion Orion Sadducees (MMT) et al, Part 2

Dale Cannon wrote:

> one book on the DSS -- or maybe another writing -- propounded that
> Galilee was home to a sect called the "Nazarenes", hence  the usage of
> the term "Nazareth" to apply to the whole region -- hence Yeshua's
> being
> given the surname, "Nazarene".
> What does anyone in the discussion group have re: the above?

    I'm not aware of a dss text that refers to the "Nazarenes"
(Netzarim) althoughthere are "keepers of the Covenant" parallels (nzr)
with a zayin rather than
a tsade where the Matthean reference may have been connected.  It gets
kind of
complicated, at least to me, in determining the basis for "Nazorean."
The village
of Nazareth was indeed an historical town dating, according to
archaeology, to
the 3rd century BCE.  The debate whether Jesus was a Nazirite or was a
Nazarene (from Nazareth) continues.  Maybe he was both but I am inclined

to think that Epiphanius was as confused as I am over the several Hebrew

roots, "keepers" (as in Damascus Document "keepers of the Covenant"),
with a zayin, ntsr with at tsade or nazar as in "root" (of Jesse).

<Jack goes for coffee to clear his head>

    Perhaps some of the real scholars here can help this poor befuddled
over where they think Matthew got "Nazareth."

Jack Kilmon