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orion interesting abstracts!

Thanks for giving the URL for a *very* interesting set of abstracts,
which is well worth checking out:  
Without attempting a review, just a few 
(unbiased :-))comments, at first blush:
Alan Crown's anything-but-Essenes approach, IMO, misued Pliny.
G. Bearman, et al.: new fragments?
K. N. Gourovskaya on Rev., interesting.
M. D. Herr. Sure sounds right to me.
Yizhar Hirschfeld. Whoever borrowed architecture from whom, production
and storage of grain, pottery, etc., wouldn't exclude Essenes, would it? 
Israel Knohl. Menahem was not a messiah and was not excommunicated. He
left, at least, according to mishna Hagigah 2.2. Judah the Essene, on
the other hand, IMHO, was TR.
Jodi Magness. Yes!
C. Martone. Yes, Stoic parallels. Posidonius and Strabo and Dio as
sources. War 2, stoic endurance. Philo on the Stoic maxim "every good
man..." Predestination. Etc.
Y. Meshorer. How excellent to have his expert views on the coins!
J. Patrich: I welcome comparanda; but is part of this trying to prove a
negative? Couldn't some live inside and some outside?
B. Porten: Which Judaean document? (I'd be grateful for the reference,
if anyone has it). The Nile and Jordan rivers flow in opposite
directions, yes?
R. Reich: If Qumran was as dense with miqwaiot as Jerusalem--and he's
the expert--doesn't that mean Qumran has a lot, not a little?
Stephen Goranson  goranson@duke.edu
P.S. thanks also for posts from Martin Jaffee and Albert Baumgarten.