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Re: orion AMS dating

stephen goranson wrote:

> Dear Dick Ferman, My point is simply that a midpoint of the date
> ranges
> cannot serve simultaneously as a terminus date for all the
> manuscripts.
> I don't wish to pursue a long exchange on AMS dating, because what I
> know about this I merely read in Radiocarbon and 'Atiqot and
> elsewhere,
> which I recommend to you. But, so as not to ignore your post addressed
> to me (on this subject addressing the list generally might be more
> appropriate), I'll respond: 1) no; and I don't know; 2) yes;
> 3)opinions
> vary; 4) opinions vary; and 5) it could be so; I would not be
> surprised; but it may not be safe to presume this, except maybe in
> those cases the bedouin mentioned.
> S. goranson

    That seems to answer some of my questions too...in other words,
keep up with the Journals. (g)

Jack Kilmon