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Re: orion AMS dating

Dear Dick Ferman, My point is simply that a midpoint of the date ranges 
cannot serve simultaneously as a terminus date for all the manuscripts. 
I don't wish to pursue a long exchange on AMS dating, because what I 
know about this I merely read in Radiocarbon and 'Atiqot and elsewhere, 
which I recommend to you. But, so as not to ignore your post addressed 
to me (on this subject addressing the list generally might be more 
appropriate), I'll respond: 1) no; and I don't know; 2) yes; 3)opinions 
vary; 4) opinions vary; and 5) it could be so; I would not be 
surprised; but it may not be safe to presume this, except maybe in 
those cases the bedouin mentioned.
S. goranson 
On Sat, 26 Jul 1997 09:44:05 -0700 (PDT) Richard Ferman 
<ferman@svpal.org> wrote:

> Stephen
>      Excuse this interruption but I honestly have several questions which 
> I have wondered about for a long time, (almost 40 years), so here they are:
>      1). Have all of the Scrolls been carbon dated? If not, when? 
>      2). Until all have been carbon dated, can we speculate anything?
>      3). There were multiple caves. Will we have to make a statement 
>          regarding each cave? or will one blanket statement suffice?
>          (Could one cave have belonged to the Essenes, one to the Zealots
>           one to the Onias followers and one to "others" etc).
>      4). Why were some caves, apparently, with shelves and others a mess?
>      5). Can we presume the local tribes used the scrolls for firewood, 
>          or otherwise destroyed other scrolls over the centuries, as is
>          mentioned in regards to the Nag Hammadi texts?
>      I hope I have not belabored the point. So many questions. So much to 
> read and so few answers for my questions.
>      Thank you for your patience.
> Dick Ferman