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Re: orion AMS; oral torah; alterum

> 1) The proposal that the scrolls were deposited before 63 BCE has
> reappeared on the list. I'm no AMS expert, but on reading several
> articles in Radiocarbon and 'Atiqot, the proposal appears not possible.
> Of 19 Qumran texts tested, 5 have 2-sigma (95%) ranges which are
> entirely after 63 BCE and an additional 5 (plus a patch from 4Q22) have
> ranges which are partly after 63 BCE. Using a handy chart which Greg
> Doudna distributed at SBL Nov. 1995, if one draws a line at 63 BCE,
> almost half of the date ranges appear after, later than 63 BCE. I'm no
> statistical expert, but that's not insignificant.

Any suggestions how I might get a copy of this chart?  It sounds very 
Dave Washburn