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orion Re: Orion article on DSS Codes

On Thu, 24 Jul 1997 16:54:55 +0300, yirmyahu@netzarim.co.il writes:
>At 09:13 24/07/97 AST, Tom Simms wrote:
>>   in the top ten for sales, is a fraud.  Here we are shown the evidence
>>   that text editors altered them to hold the messages THEY wanted.  
>>This altering of biblical texts is considered by inerrantists a blasphemy. 
>>Who knows what more we'll learn from the DSS?
>Possibly, however where does it say that the manuscripts they were altering
>were biblical texts?  The conclusion requires more evidence.  Looks real
>doubtful to me.  More butter?

     It might be butter if they didn't deal with ritual purity and they were
     purely secular, otherwise they are not butter.

     Are you suggesting the DSS weren't mostly Hebrew religious documents?

Tom Simms

     BTW, please don't send a copy to the list and a copy to me, I'm 
     subscribed and I get two copies at once, causing me to look at the 
     second message, doubling my file usage besides wasting air time.
     Perhaps you don't pay by the minute?