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orion tone of messages

Orion subscribers,

	I remind you, once again, that this list was set up for the "academic
discussion of the Dead Sea Scrolls."  "Academic" is not a euphemism for
"vicious." I am deeply disturbed by the personal attacks, sarcasm and
insults which have characterized the discussion recently. I have written
private warnings to individuals and I remind you that we shall, if
necessary, remove subscribers from the list as a last resort. SPAMs will
be reported to the postmaster of the SPAMmer's ISP.
	For the rest of you who are lurking, please address complaints to me
privately at msorion@pluto.mscc.huji.ac.il with a copy of the message,
if possible. I have a life outside this list and I do miss things when
reading the messages hastily at the end of the day. Thank-you.

Avital Pinnick
list moderator