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orion Complaint

As I "recent immigrant" from ioudaios let me express my total amazement at
the amateurish and churlish tone of this list. What I've seen in about a
month of lurking is 4 or 5 smart-alecks talking past each other on a
rather small range of insoluble issues and ignorant about most
scholarship on early Judaism beyond their favorite DSS handbooks. Get a
life, folks! Shalom uverakhah (for those of you who may know a word or two
of the language of the texts some of you hold such firm opinions about).

Martin S. Jaffee                      University of Washington
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Rabbi Eleazar Hakappar used to say: You were conceived without being 
consulted, you were born without being consulted, you live without being 
consulted, and you'll die without being consulted. And without being 
consulted, you are going to account for yourself before the King of Kings 
of Kings, The Blessed Holy One. (Avot 4:29)

He did NOT say: "Have a nice day!"