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Re: orion Stephen Goranson & Josephus

> At 22:53 22/07/97 -0500, Jack Kilmon wrote:
> >even the most reasoned speculation is still opinion.
> Non sequitur.  Reasoning is neither opinion nor speculation.  Your assertion
> is unfounded and self-contradicting.

That's not what he said.  He said "reasoned speculation."  And any 
reasoning can still be merely opinion or speculation.  One could 
reason that since the sun is yellow it must therefore be made of 

> >Along come the putative Essenes who wear the white hats...er...robes..and
> >they are perceived to be more like us Christians than "dem durn Pharisees
> >and Sadducees."
> Perceived to be more like 'you Christians' by whom?  Based on what?  This is

Come on, Yirmiyahu, he already answered these questions in the rest 
of his post.  Perceived as such by Christians, of course.  And he 
already gave the basis.

> something which needs to be demonstrated, not assumed.  The sine qua non of
> Christianity, and proto-Christianity, was selective observance of Torah as
> contrasted with observance of the entirety of Torah (including Torah

This is not so.  The sine qua non of Christianity, and 
proto-Christianity if there was such a thing, is the resurrection of 
Jesus from the dead.  The entire movement, from its very inception, 
was based on that event.  Questions of Torah observance came later, 
and they had no real effect on whether or not the movement was 
legitimate because they were not its ultimate basis.

Dave Washburn