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Re: orion misinformation corrected

I would like to add my voice to those of others who have raised concern
with the tone of the scholarly conversation. Though I lurk more than I
participate, I do enjoy my membership in the list. However, I am trying to
finish my dissertation at present, so I am not always able to interject.
When I encounter a message that becomes insulting to another member of the
list, I stop and delete it. I have been doing a lot of deleting lately. No
one member is responsible, but a few do tend to communicate with quite an
edge to their tone. If you really would like to communicate your ideas
with others interested in the field of Dead Sea Scrolls, your tone is
losing you an audience. I appeal to participants to use a civil and
respectful tone. Jim, your point is well taken, but, maybe it's just
me...I don't think vitriolic belongs in scholarly discussion, even in a
Ph.D. defense. Thanks all, for considering this post.

-- Best wishes
   Sarah J. Melcher
   Emory University