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orion First fruits

While I'm in a wondering mood, I've been thinking about the possibility of
an early regular sacred meal in Judaism. Forgive this excursion -- I hope
it's not too old an idea.

In 1Mac3:49 "they also brought the garments of the priesthood and the first
fruits and the tithes". I don't think this is an indication of Shavuot.

In the temple scroll, col 43, we learn that the first fruits are to last all
year and are to be eaten by all adherents on holy days. We have in some way
a regular meal consumed for religious purposes, or so it seems to me.

The so-called messianic meal in 1Q28a finishes with "And in accordance with
this regulation they shall act at each meal, when at least ten men are
gathered." This doesn't suggest that the meal is to be consumed in some
messianic future, but it does seem like some institution being imparted for

Any thoughts?

Ian Hutchesson