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Re: orion present-tense Essenes

> 	Please let me find out if I understand your post (17 July Re: orion
> present tense Essenes) correctly. I'm not sure how your metaphor "to
> stretch Occam's razor to the max" applies, but I'll focus elsewhere.

See under B).

> 	I think you hold that:
> A) Pliny located Essenes near Ein Gedi.

That seems to be the most natural reading.

> B) Pliny described their post-70 CE status.

That seems the simplest way of explaining his statement that accounts 
for all the known facts.  Hence Occam's razor.  

> C) Pliny described them in present tense.


> D) Pliny said they were at that location for a long time.

That I didn't actually say.  I don't know this for sure, because I 
haven't been able to read the context of his statement yet.

> Of course, I disagree with (A) and (B), but, if these are your views, I
> have questions. How did an Essene group manage to continue their long-term
> settlement (i.e., one which must have at least started before 70) through
> the war with Rome? Wasn't there destruction at Ein Gedi as well as at
> Qumran? Why have archaeologists and bedouin not found a suitable long-term
> site near Ein Gedi--or have they?

I'll defer to the archaeologists among us on these questions.  And 
I'm going to have to do something I don't often do in this kind of 
situation: I'm going to have to back out of the discussion as much as 
possible.  The reason is as simple as it is frustrating: my sources, 
i.e. my library, are not currently available to me.  It will likely 
be another month before I can go any deeper into this kind of 
discussion than I already have, simply because I don't have the 
resources to check a lot of things out right now.  It's quite 
irritating, because I'm really enjoying this exchange with you.  
However, we're crossing into realms now where I need to look things 
up, double-check quotes and references, and all that good stuff, and 
I am not able to at the moment.  I suspect a good, healthy "AAAARGH!" 
would feel pretty good right about now...

Dave Washburn