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Re: orion Y. Ben-David on oral torah

        At 10:30 AM 7/18/97 -0400, you wrote:
>I suggest you (and some others) use the term "halakah" too broadly.
>Pharisees had halakah. Essenes did not. Sadducees presumably did not. Prof.
>Y. Sussmann did not claim in what you cited that all three groups believed
>in oral torah. But turning from his views to yours, I ask: If Sadducees
>believed in oral torah, why did Josephus in Ant. 13 write that Sadducees
>rejected the claim of Pharisees that they had traditions not written in the
>law of Moses?
>Stephen Goranson   goranson@duke.edu

This would be an excellent discussion for Ioudaios; but seems rather out of
place for a DSS forum.


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