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Re: orion present-tense Essenes

Dave Washburn,
	Please let me find out if I understand your post (17 July Re: orion
present tense Essenes) correctly. I'm not sure how your metaphor "to
stretch Occam's razor to the max" applies, but I'll focus elsewhere.
	I think you hold that:
A) Pliny located Essenes near Ein Gedi.
B) Pliny described their post-70 CE status.
C) Pliny described them in present tense.
D) Pliny said they were at that location for a long time.
Of course, I disagree with (A) and (B), but, if these are your views, I
have questions. How did an Essene group manage to continue their long-term
settlement (i.e., one which must have at least started before 70) through
the war with Rome? Wasn't there destruction at Ein Gedi as well as at
Qumran? Why have archaeologists and bedouin not found a suitable long-term
site near Ein Gedi--or have they?
Stephen Goranson    goranson@duke.edu