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Re: orion Yirmiyahu on MMT

At 14:33 17/07/97 -0400, Stephen Goranson wrote:
>1) If you continue to urge familiarity with DJD X, please get the author's
>names right. It's Sussmann not Susskind.

Thanks for the correction, and my apologies to Ya'akov Sussmann.

>2) Your assertion that the three groups of Jews at the time agreed on oral
>torah is unfounded and exceedingly unlikely.

I think you misunderstand what I wrote, particularly since there is the
difficulty I mentioned about what term to use here.  Ya'akov Sussmann
"founds" it, and logically compellingly, on page 197 of Qimron's book.  Both
Strugnell and Qimron seem to agree with Sussmann.  It's as close to a
certainty as this field gets.  All three sects had their own version of
Torah shebikhtav.  What Sussmann, and I, are saying is that all three sects
subscribed *strictly* to the observance of the *entirety* of (*their
version* of) Torah shebikhtav.  This contrasts sharply with the traditional
view that the 'Sadducees' or other legitimate sects of Judaism rejected
Torah shebikhtav.  Of course each sect regarded their own version of Torah
shebikhtav as correct and the other versions incorrect, and there were
*great* disputes over that.  But all three agreed that legitimate Judaism
*required* the *strict* observance of the *entirety* of (the correct version
of) Torah shebikhtav.
BeVirkot Torah,

Yirmiyahu Ben-David
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