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Re: orion Orion Sadducees (MMT) et al, Part 2

At 14:02 17/07/97 -0500, Jack Kilmon wrote:
>> I repeat, why not just switch to a more accurate designation and stop
>> trying
>> to paint them as 'Christians' by inference, innuendo and assumption?
>    I am not bothered by the term "proto-Christians" any more than I
>wouldcharacterize Judea and the Galilee of the 2nd temple period as
><Gr> PRWTOJ  "The first in a succession."  

To be first in a succession you must establish succession, not merely
sequence.  That, incidentally, would go for 'proto-Palestine' as well --
and, if I'm not mistaken, you're again trying to lead us out of the bounds
of Ori~n and I appeal to the list moderator to advise on this.

>    Your offense at the term...which I heartily understand and
>appreciate...is based
>on religious concerns rather than the historical.

No, in fact you don't understand at all, as my offense is at your refusal to
adhere to logic and historical substantiation and adamantly cling instead to
naked assumptions.  You haven't even grasped where the links are missing in
your chain of assumptions, mistaking every logical point.  To suggest that
my concerns for logic and history are merely "religious concerns" is
offensive and ad hominem.
BeVirkot Torah,

Yirmiyahu Ben-David
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