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orion Use of "Scripture" in DSS

     I would appreciate some help on a portion of my research for my
dissertation.  I'll start by acknowledging that it's perhaps not correct
to thinks of the originators/possessors of the DSS (is that wide enough
to cover all views?) may not have had a notion of "canon" as later Jews
did and thus the boundaries of "Scripture" were probably not the same as
say, the originators of the Mishnah.  While trying to avoid the complex
issue of the limits of the Scriptures of Israel or the canon for the
originators of the non-biblical DS material, I'm looking or bibliography
and comments from the experts on the list regarding the use of the
"Scriptures of Israel" in the DSS.   For my purposes it doesn't matter
who wrote them (though I suppose they were pious Jews who may have
resembled Essense to a significant extent).    I'm interested in how
explicit quotations were used and, at least equally important, how the
Scriptures of Israel may have affected the style/content/approach of
non-biblical works.  Here's what I'm getting at on the latter issue.  If
there's a DSS text which contains "prophecies" about the group that look
very much like a "prophecy" from Isaiah, but it's not identical, bur
relies rather on intertextual cues, what does that mean?  Has anone
looked at this question?  Or, to borrow from Richard Hays, has anyone
worked on *Echoes of Scripture in the Writings of Qumran*?   Thanks much
for any help you can give me.  I'm especially interested in works on
material that presents an "account" or "history" of the community or
other pesons or events.   I know much of that stuff is veiled and put
here in there in other sorts of works (like the Rule of the Community if
memoery seves me correctly), so it may be more complex than that.

      As a side noe, since at least soe of the DSS do seem to identify a
community and a leader, I'm interested in why none of the community
members sought to keep at least a journal (so far as we know) of the
community's history.  Would this be because they expected the coming War
to happen so immediately that there was no use for such a document?

Ken Litwak
Graduate Theological Union
Berserkely, CA