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Re: orion Ian H. on Aramaic and Hebrew; M. Stern on Pliny

> >Ian H. wrote of  Qumran "texts in two dialects of Aramaic and three
> >dialects of Hebrew." I ask Ian  to describe these dialects, based on his
> >reading of the texts, and to describe their significance.
> Do you deny the existence of said languages and dialects among the dss?
> (Would you deny that speech communities tend to use a single language within
> that community? Would you deny that within religious written traditions
> there is a tendency to use one language and a conservatism with regard to
> change of that language: take Latin and Arabic as examples.)

I understood him to be asking for more info about the specific 
dialects.  As you know, I agree with you about the Essene hypothesis, 
but I would be interested to hear more about these dialects as well.  
If you can also suggest a few sources for further study on this 
tangent, that would be greatly appreciated too.

Dave Washburn